About Us

Dr. Sarah Nabai, Founder of LoupeSaver


Dr. Sarah Nabai is the founder of LoupeSaver Shields. She began her search for a shield to wear with her loupes over 7 years ago. With no luck finding a shield that would accommodate her light attachment, she began designing her own shield.  She started modifying existing shields in her office and soon the idea of LoupeSaver shields was conceived.

Initially the design of the shield was to cover only half the face and had adhesive tabs, but it has now been redesigned and modified to meet the needs of her healthcare colleagues. The new shield covers the whole face and has an optional cutout for the light. The user may choose to punch out the U shape cutout to allow the loupe light to pass through the shield. The cut out is very unique to LoupeSaver; it decreases reflection and glare from the light, helps the shield fit closer to the face and allows users of higher magnification loupes to use a shield comfortably. The best part is that the kit comes with both Velcro and clip attachments. Every user gets to decide for him/herself as to how to attach the shield to their loupe frame.

Dr. Nabai is very proud of the new face shield and believes that it will provide the additional protection healthcare workers need without interfering with their ability to complete procedures. As a practicing dentist in Del Mar, CA,  she uses these shields to treat her patients. She is passionate about providing the highest quality of care to her patients and bringing a high quality, easy to use, comfortable and protective product on the market.